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Electric Brake System Installation

  • Your Caravan or Camper Trailer doesn’t have Brakes. DJS MOBILE SERVICES can install a complete Single or Dual Axle Electric Drum set up.
  • Cost of Electric Drum Brake set up.
  • Single Axle – $870.00
  • Dual Axle – $1430.00
  • Price includes all Materials / Parts and Labour.
  • DJS MOBILE SERVICES can also do upgrades from Disc Brakes to Electric Drum Brakes.

Brake Repairs

  • Electric brake magnets replaced or rewired.
  • Brake pads / shoes adjusted or replaced.
  • Brake cable / cable pulley and adjuster replaced.

Axle Flipping

  • What is done, work carried out to do an Axle flip.
  • Once jacked up and on stands, wheels are removed. All hubs are removed, brakes are disconnected , unwired if Electric, Brake cable as well. Then the ubolts and Fish Plates are removed. Axles are then removed, the axle pads if fitted are removed. They have to be removed so the axle goes back in the same way up, underneath the spring, other wise your tyres will scrub out, due to the axle or axles being bent shaped the wrong way. Then the new axle pads are fitted in the right position. Once that is done the axles are fitted underneath the springs with new ubolts and fish plates. Once axles are fitted, tighten and lined up in the correct position all hubs are refitted , brakes are refitted or rewired if electric. Brake cable etc. Wheels fitted then put back on ground. Bearings and Brakes are not service but a little grease is added to the hubs.
  • When an axle is flipped it gives you a lift of about three to four inches.
  • COST OF AXLE FLIPPING: SINGLE – $450.00 includes new ubolts and fish plates. DUAL – $650.00 includes new ubolts and fish plates.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Axle Flipping is to be done on a flat not sloppy, hard concrete surface, for safety reason. Will not be done on the lawn or gravel area.

Axle flip -1
Axle flip - 2

Caravan Repairs In Brisbane

At DJS Mobile Services, we aim to assist and address each and every problem that may arise in your caravan or RV. As one of the most reliable and established caravan repairs in Gold Coast, we know the in and out of RV and caravan mechanics and are well equipped to tend to any problem that may arise. 

Caravan repairs in Brisbane are crucial for a heavy-duty vehicle. It is rather a threat to life and well being if you neglect the maintenance of your camper trailer for the tiniest malfunction on the road can bring a lot of damage and unforeseen troubles your way. Therefore, it is wise to get your RV and caravan checked regularly. During these checks, our team will bring to light any malfunctions there might be in your vehicle. If it seems fit, some parts may even need servicing to prevent any damages that may result in caravan repairs. 

We can help you with: 

– Caravan Repair

– 12 Volt system repairs;

Servicing Suburban Hot Water Systems

  • Replacing of anodes, flushing of system 
  • $80.00 If done with a Service
  • $140.00 if done as a job on its own.
  • Saying, Replacing of Anodes, Flushing of system
  • $80.00 with a Bearing , Brake Etc Service
  • $120.00 for a service on it’s own.

Caravan Servicing In Brisbane

Many of you may be Rv and caravan connoisseurs or people who are in love with travelling by road. If you own a caravan or an RV for the sole purpose of making numerous journeys while also maintaining your peace and comfort, there’s nothing more you can do but make sure that your vehicle is up to date and all parts are functional. We do not need a highway mishap! Call us to avail one of the caravan servicing in Brisbane. 

The demand for caravan servicing in Sunshine Coast increases day by day as beaches are a big attraction to the residents of the Gold Coast and many who travel from far away in their mobile trailers. We believe in making sure that our customer’s needs are heard and any queries are addressed. If there is any caravan servicing in Gold Coast required, we will be happy to help you carry on a splendid road trip. We are driven to personalise our customer’s needs and rid them of any worries that they may have about their vehicle. From LED light installations for number plates, sides, etc to brake and bearing servicing, axle flipping, and any kind of caravan repairs, we are here to help as one of the most established caravan servicing in Ipswich. 

caravan servicing gold coast


Do you offer caravan repairs?

Yes, we do offer caravan repairs in Brisbane. You can also opt for a safety check of your vehicle and receive an analysis of how well your caravan is doing. Our team will guide you through the process of caravan repairs in Sunshine Coast and make sure your vehicle is up and running.

Can you update or upgrade my caravan?

When it comes to caravan servicing in Gold Coast, we make sure to help our clients according to their needs. We offer upgrades to lights, brakes, bearings, etc. Stay stress-free when it comes to caravan servicing in Ipswich.

How much does it cost to renovate a caravan?

Your total cost will be calculated according to your requirements. If it’s a full renovation, just a few parts here and there, or does it just require caravan repairs in Brisbane, or caravan servicing in Brisbane. Our team will be able to help you better once they have heard your concerns.

Why Does My Caravan Leak?

There can be many reasons why there is a leak in your caravan. Could be because of poor windows, ill-fitted satellite systems, corner moulds, and many such reasons. When you come to us for caravan servicing in Ipswich, our team will help find the right cause and perform repairs!