All cages are made out of 30mm x 30mm x 2mm tube and Gal mesh, 50mm x  50mm squares x 4mm thick. Some of the bigger cages can be made out of  40mm x 40mm x 3mm tube if required to be made stronger. Fully  collapsible and all corners are cut at 45 degree's angles, then welded.  So there are no open ends like a lot of Cages on the Market. All hinges  are made by me as well so they are strong, so they are not braking from  the cage. A bit of time and effort goes  into making these Cages, so they not only look good they will last.  Tailgate and gate latches are strong and are also lockable with a  padlock. 

Cages are made  out of DuraGal Square Tube.DuraGal®, an In-line Hot-Dip Galvanized  product providing a surface with less risk of cracking on the edges. The  entire surface is protected by a zinc coating. Doesn't need painting to  protect it, other than where it has been Welded and Grinded, where I  have coated it in a Silver Zinc coating. As you see in the attached  photo's my Cages are made strong, solid and will last a life time.They  even look professional and even look good to the eye. They don't look  cheaply made. 


 Please note my Cages are not the cheapest around, but they aren't the most expensive ones on the market either, they are made strong  to last and look good.  

 All Cages are made to order with a 50% deposit to secure the  order, so orders aren't being canceled at the last moment and DJS MOBILE  SERVICE isn't left with a order that can't be sold elsewhere.   

If you no how to measure your Trailer for a  Cage  orders can be ordered and delivery and installation  can be arrange for extra cost to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.  

# CAGE Price List #